Shakin' Down CD

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Shakedown Combo
Shakin' Down CD

Hot Slappin', Beat Whackin' Rockabilly Twang from The Shakedown Combo!
Shakin' Down is the bands second album, and this time they recorded it in Tennessee.
Check out the firey vocals, rockin' snare rhythms, twanginest red hot guitar licks, and thumpin' upright bass.

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Disc 1
  1. Shakin' Down
  2. Ray Gun Girl
  3. Monster Stomp
  4. Invisible Man
  5. Creepin' Up On Me
  6. Let This Saucer Fly
  7. Graveyard Walk
  8. I'm A Beast
  9. My Blue Chrome Dream
  10. Come On Kitty
  11. My Closet Blues
  12. Rockin' Love
  13. Swan Dance
  14. Pudding Lane
  15. Tico Tico No Fuba