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The Paladins
More Of The Best CD

Formed in the early 1980s by Dave Gonzalez and Thomas Yearsley, The Paladins have become one of the greatest Rockabilly and American Roots music groups of recent years.
This mighty collection is a career overview, selecting from the highlights releases - a Best Of The Paladins album that reaches right back to their first ever recording - Double Datin'.
If you're already a fan of The Paladins, you’ll want this in your collection.
If they are a new name to you, prepare to discover one of the best rockin' bands around.

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Disc 1
  1. Double Datin'
  2. Honky Tonk All Night
  3. Daddy Yar
  4. Hold On
  5. Follow Your Heart
  6. Let's Buzz
  7. Look What You're Doin'
  8. 15 Days
  9. Elvis' Sister
  10. Ticket Home
  11. Irene
  12. Tore Up From The Floor Up
  13. Soul Farm
  14. Looking For A Girl Like You
  15. Don't Come Calling
  16. Too Late Baby
  17. Shoulda Been Dreamin'
  18. Wicked