Dreamin' Up A Nightmare CD

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The Meteors
Dreamin' Up A Nightmare CD

The Meteors started out in 1980 - and 41 years later we are in year 2 of the Covid pandemic - but even this could not stop the rolling hate train.
In the woods of Oregon, Paul Fenech built himself a new home and his own new recording studio "Wolftone", where the new album Dreamin' Up A Nightmare came into being.
Once again we venture into the pure psychobilly madness of the originators of the genre.
As fresh as ever, even after decades of constant touring and over 30 ground breaking, cult sustaining albums, The Meteors present their superb "next evolution" in the genre that they created and have cultivated, moving forward time after time.
It is as uncompromising as ever and encompasses all the elements that have always made up The Meteors brand of "Pure Psychobilly".
Brand new evil psychobilly rock 'n' roll, with razor sharp instrumentals and deranged lyrics leading to songs that are guaranteed to set any monsters loose and straight into the wrecking pit!
P Paul Fenech continues his musical vision undiminished, pandemic or not.

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Disc 1
  1. Hell For Leather
  2. All The Way To Hell
  3. Your Bad Luck
  4. Dreamin' Up A Nightmare
  5. Lo-Bound Train
  6. Foul Owl On The Prowl
  7. I Opened The Door and The Devil Walked In
  8. I Don't Mind
  9. Unholy Roller
  10. The Curse I Am
  11. Beast Walking
  12. Tootatubon