Explorers of the Beat LP (vinyl)

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The Blue Cats
Explorers of the Beat - Demos & Sessions 1981-1983 LP (vinyl)

The long awaited released of early recordings from legendary British rockabillies The Blue Cats.
These demos and sessions datefrom between 1981 and 1983, and are sourced from the bands personal tape collection.
Representing a young band searching for its own identity, the recordings themselves have been transferred from various old analogue tapes and so are far from perfect in terms of production and sound quality.
The Catford sessions for instance were recorded on a 4-track tape machine in a front room, whereas the BBC recordings benefited from a more advanced studio set up.
These recordings give is an insight into the bands journey towards establishing themselves as an independent force, featuring the earliest recorded versions of Wild Night, The Poacher and Captain Blood.

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Disc 1
  1. Slap That Bass
  2. Wild Night
  3. You Gotta Be Loose
  4. Captain Blood
  5. We’re Gonna Teach You to Rock
  6. Crazy Things
  7. Southbound Blues
  8. Long Blonde Hair
  9. Living Fast
  10. The Poacher