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    That'll Flat Git It Volume 19 CD

    32 original 1950s Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll recordings from D and Dart Records of Houston, Texas.

    Featured artists:  Richard Moreland, Johnny & The Jammers, Doug Stanford, Danny Reeves, Doug Bragg, Dave Edge, Les Cole, Royce Porter, Sonny Hall, Wortham Watts, Cousin Louie, Merl Lindsay, Jimmie Heap, William Tell Taylor, Bill Morgan, Jimmie & Johnny, Carlton Norris, Doug Stanford, Doug Bragg, Danny Reeves, Hardrock Gunter, Byron Johnson, Andy Charles, Joe Donalds, Tommy Hudson, The Savoys, The Suedes, Merl Lindsay, Les Cole, Tommy Wood, Sonny Sheets.


    • 1Richard Moreland - Let Me In
    • 2Johnny & The Jammers - School Day Blues
    • 3Doug Stanford - Won't You Tell Me
    • 4Danny Reeves - I'm A Hobo
    • 5Doug Bragg And The Drifters - Don't Do That Again
    • 6Dave Edge - Wham Bam
    • 7Les Cole And The Echoes - Be Boppin' Baby
    • 8Royce Porter - Lookin'
    • 9Sonny Hall And The Echoes - My Big Fat Baby
    • 10Wortham Watts - Lonesome
    • 11Cousin Louie - I'm Gonna Tell
    • 12Merl Lindsay - Hey Hey Little Boy Blue
    • 13Jimmie Heap And The Melody Masters - Someone Else Is Filling My Shoes
    • 14William Tell Taylor - I Like It
    • 15Bill Morgan Red Hot Rhythm Combo
    • 16Jimmie & Johnny - I Can't Find The Doorknob
    • 17Carlton Norris - Go South Little Man
    • 18Doug Stanford - Sady
    • 19Doug Bragg And The Drifters - If I Find My Dream Girl
    • 20Danny Reeves - Bell Hop Blues
    • 21Hardrock Gunter - Juke Box Shuffle
    • 22Byron Johnson - True Affection
    • 23Andy Charles & The Blues Kings - Baby Don't Go
    • 24Joe Donalds - Honey Babe
    • 25Tommy Hudson And The Savoys - Swanee River Gal
    • 26The Suedes - Don't Be Shy
    • 27Merl Lindsay - Rockin' Water Baby
    • 28Les Cole & The Echoes - Rock A My Baby
    • 29Tommy Wood - Can't Play Hookey
    • 30Sonny Hall - The Day You Walked Away
    • 31Sonny Sheets - Wheels
    • 32Tommy Hudson & The Savoys - Band Stand Stomp.

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