Street Corner Symphonies Volume 6 1954 CD

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Street Corner Symphonies - The Complete Story Of Doo Wop
Volume 6 : 1954 CD

Street Corner Symphonies is an incredible set presenting the complete story of Doo-Wop, year by year, including all the essentials and many rarities.
Each volume has over 30 tracks, selecting the greatest Doo-Wop recordings from it's featured year.
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Volume 6 focuses on 1954, and includes Doo-Wop essentials from The Penguins, The Royals, The Cadillacs, The Five Keys, The Diablos, The Clovers, The Harp-Tones, The Charms, The Counts, The Spiders, The Moonglows, The Drifters, The Rivileers, The Du Droppers, The Scarlets, Shirley Gunter and The Queens, The Capris, The Chords, The Eagles, The Lamplighters, The Flamingos, The Rainbows, The Solitaires, The Hawks, The 5 Royales, The Checkers, The Playboys, Lee Andrews and The Hearts, The Jewels, The Medallions, The Robins and The Spaniels.

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Disc 1
  1. Earth Angel - The Penguins
  2. Work With Me Annie - The Royals
  3. Gloria - The Cadillacs
  4. Ling Ting Tong - The Five Keys
  5. The Wind - The Diablos
  6. Lovey Dovey - The Clovers
  7. My Memories Of You - The Harp-Tones
  8. Hearts Of Stone - The Charms
  9. Darling Dear - The Counts
  10. I'm Slippin' In - The Spiders
  11. Sincerely - The Moonglows
  12. Honey Love - The Drifters
  13. A Thousand Stars - The Rivileers
  14. Boot 'Em Up - The Du Droppers
  15. Dear One - The Scarlets
  16. Oop Shoop - Shirley Gunter and The Queens
  17. God Only Knows - The Capris
  18. Sh-Boom - The Chords
  19. Tryin' To Get To You - The Eagles
  20. I Used To Cry Mercy Mercy - The Lamplighters
  21. Dream Of A Lifetime -The Flamingos
  22. Mary Lee - The Rainbows
  23. Please Remember My Heart - The Solitaires
  24. It Ain't That Way - The Hawks
  25. I Do - The 5 Royales
  26. House With No Windows - The Checkers
  27. My Buddy Done Stole My Chippie - Th