Boptized CD

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Son Demon and his Holy Boys
Boptized CD

From time to time they heard that mutant and primal beat, that otherworldly synthesis of black and white fury, pioneered by those young hep cats cutting tracks for Sam.
Upon hearing that beat they forgot the God altogether and started to rock – in other words, started to make real serious sin.
Rockabilly is not about having some nice hop at the high school gym or wearing cool shades and a haircut.
Instead it is about struggling in the middle of The Right and The Wrong, shakin’ between The God and The Devil.
These three cats on this album – have they struggled like hell? Yes, indeed they have.
But instead of lending themselves into those eternal flames of damnation, they have decided to fight. Fight back.

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Disc 1
  1. Guitar Rock
  2. It Would Be A Doggone Lie
  3. Keepin' All My Lovin'
  4. Alabama Jailhouse
  5. Old Moss Back
  6. Darlene
  7. False Hearted Girl
  8. Did You Tell Me
  9. I Done Told You
  10. Home In My Hand
  11. Laughin' and Jokin’
  12. Go Ahead On
  13. Don't Mean Maybe Baby