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Something Shocking
Pink CD

One of the first female fronted bands on the Psychobilly scene, Something Shocking were around in the late 1980s and released the album Pink, as well as appearing at many of the Psychobilly festivals at the time.
Most songs are originals, and there is a cover of The Revillos' Motorbike Beat.
Psychobilly fans will note that Mike Pannell, who also played with Demented Are Go, was Something Shocking's guitar player.

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Disc 1
  1. Spend Spend Spend
  2. Flight 101
  3. Motorbike Beat
  4. Something Shocking Pink
  5. Just Ain't A Man
  6. Jokers Wild
  7. Take Me For A Ride
  8. Cheat
  9. Going Nowhere Fast
  10. Rocking Disease
  11. Feels So Good
  12. Only Good For One Thing
  13. Love Is Blind
  14. Who Cares
  15. Gun Totin' Man