Solid Smoke LP (vinyl)

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Mick Wigfall's Solid Smoke LP (vinyl)

Excellent 4-piece that featuring highly respected Rockabilly musicians, including ex-Blue Cats guitarist Carlo Edwards, along with Les Curtis, Mick Wigfall and Ritchie Sticks. 
If ex-members of such bands of The Blue Cats, Blue Rhythm Boys, Number Nine and Bob and The Bearcats isn't enough, you also get well-known guests including Jerome Van Gasteren (ex-Tin Star Trio, Ranch Girls etc) and Paul Ansell (Number Nine). 
You just know how good it's gonna be!

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Disc 1
  1. Mushy Peas
  2. I'm Out
  3. Cabbage Head
  4. One Chance
  5. Lonely Weekends
  6. It Had To Be Right
  7. Casting My Spell
  8. Long Legged Girl
  9. Western Union
  10. Night Train
  11. Ain't That The Way It Goes
  12. I Ain't Got You
  13. Big Town
  14. Cryin' Over You.