A Rhumba Of Rattlesnakes CD

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The Slanderin'
A Rhumba Of Rattlesnakes A Murder Of Crows CD

Powerful stuff from crazed 4-piece The Slanderin' - an America Psychobilly band who raised their profile with gigs supporting The Meteors and Demented Are Go.
Here are 13 hard, fast, smokin' Power Psychobilly tracks.

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Disc 1
  1. Surf Creep
  2. Curse Of The Werewolf
  3. My Girlfriend Is A Monster
  4. Cobwebs and Flies
  5. Dead Man's Waltz
  6. Throw In A Fit
  7. Planet Of Death
  8. Get Out Of My Way
  9. Lost In Eternal Night
  10. Demolition Derby Doll
  11. Black Angel
  12. Sweet Sixteen
  13. Cemetery Gates