Zombie Rock LP (vinyl)

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Sir Psyko and his Monsters
Zombie Rock LP (vinyl)

Zombie Rock is the debut album from Austrian psychobillies band Sir Psyko and his Monsters.
It's wild old-school style Psychobilly with lots of different influences.
You can feel the energy and the power the 5 guys have - these 13 kick-ass psychobilly tracks hit you like a punch in your face.

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Disc 1
  1. Voices
  2. Love/Hate
  3. What Have I Done?
  4. Mutant Kr3w
  5. Jimmy the Butcher
  6. Ballad
  7. Ghost Riders In The Sky
  8. I Sold My Soul
  9. Monsterbilly Queen
  10. Human Hunter
  11. Sir Psyko & his Monsters
  12. Zombie Rock
  13. The End