Hold Fast CD

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Silver Shine
Hold Fast CD

The Silver Shine is a Hungarian psychobilly band that has been around since 2004.
They have released 9 albums and rocked worldwide audiences in 34 countries including North America, Brazil, almost all the countries in continental Europe from Turkey to the UK and from Portugal to Russia.
On Hold Fast, the 9th studio album from the trio, The Silver Shine have drawn upon their love of loud rock 'n' roll and punkabilly, mixing these influences into a great sound.
Their influences include Social Distortion, Living End, Joan Jett and a healthy dose of Motorhead thrown in for good measure.
They call their sound "vintage punk rock and roll".

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Disc 1
  1. Have Mercy On Me
  2. One Mile From Heaven
  3. I've Got Heart
  4. Please Tell Me
  5. Let's Get Together
  6. Hold Fast
  7. Somewhere Far Away
  8. How Long To Stay
  9. The Sun Comes Up
  10. I Don't Wanna See You Anymore
  11. Those Million Failed Tries