Short Shark Shock CD

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The Sharks
Short Shark Shock CD

The Sharks played an important part in the Psychobilly's early 1980s formative period.
Their debut Phantom Rockers album is considered a classic of the era.
As psychobilly moved forward, the Sharks disbanded with Steve Whitehouse forming the highly successful Frenzy, and Alan Wilson founding Psychobilly's best-known publication 'Deathrow'.
The classic early album together with the success of Frenzy and Deathrow saw the Sharks status grow to legendary within the scene, and the mid-1990s saw them give-in to demand and reform. The relaunch was a great success with festivals all over Europe and two new albums.
Short Shark Shock sees the release on the Sharks first ever recordings.
These have never previously been available in any format, and this release is sure to be in demand from Sharks fans and collectors/followers of the Psychobilly genre.

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Disc 1
  1. Mean Mr Shark
  2. Space Man Rock 'n' Roll
  3. Honey Don't
  4. Slap Bass Billy
  5. Sweet Love On My Mind