Silhouet Rock CD

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Shakin' Silhouets
Silhouet Rock CD

30 tracks of real Teddyboy style Rock 'n' Roll from The Shakin' Silhouetts, with 16 songs from their original vinyl album and 14 bonus cuts including previously unissued material.
As well as their own songs and 1950s covers played in the Teddyboy style, they also cover the bands who influenced them such as Matchbox, Shotgun, The Flying Saucers etc.

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Disc 1
  1. Silhouet Rock
  2. Doin' Alright
  3. Don't Go My Way
  4. Crazy Rhythm
  5. Hot Rod
  6. Sweet Talk
  7. Lights Out
  8. I'm Ready
  9. Vacation's Over
  10. Slippin' In
  11. Blue Swingin' Mama
  12. All The Time
  13. Oakie Boogie
  14. Please Don't Touch
  15. Alabama Shake
  16. Cat Talking
  17. Wild One
  18. Wipe Out
  19. Gunning For The Dog
  20. Red Headed Woman
  21. Brand New Cadillac
  22. Tennessee Rockin'
  23. Little Pig
  24. Bootleg Hill
  25. I Believe I'm In Love Again
  26. Promised Land
  27. Cast Iron Arm
  28. That Night