Monster Mash Into The Fifth Dimension CD

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Season Of Nightmares
Monster Mash Into The 5th Dimension CD

Debut album from a Psychobilly trio from Seattle, Washington who formed in 2003 when they found a common interest in blood, gore and Rock 'n' Roll.
Influenced by raging killer women and supernatural forces, Season Of Nightmares have become a frightening Psychobilly force in the Washington area.
Armed with a rockin' guitar, slappin' bass and voodoo drum beats, and this debut album unleashes them to an unsuspecting world.
All songs on Monster Mash Into The Fifth Dimension are Season Of Nightmares originals - and with the standard of songwriting you'll find it difficult to believe that these guys are only 18 years old.

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Disc 1
  1. Vigilante Murder Trail
  2. Silver Bullet
  3. Undead Fever
  4. Gates Of Hell
  5. Between The Eyes
  6. Voodoo Queen
  7. Your Money Or Your Life
  8. Stabbed To Life
  9. Sadistic Masochistic
  10. My Name Is No One
  11. Heartbreak From The Black Lagoon
  12. Exhumed
  13. London After Midnight
  14. Watch The Skies