Hypnosia LP (green vinyl)

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Screamers and Sinners
Hypnosia LP (coloured vinyl)

Psychobilly from the rough and ready region of Spain known as Basque Country - Screamers and Sinners beganin 2012 with a frenzied double bass, a sharp guitar and also a sexy saxophone thrown in the mix.
Hypnosia is pressed in limited edition green vinyl, has a 3-D sleeve design and comes with with 3-D glasses.

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Disc 1
  1. Hypnosia
  2. Ratman
  3. Radioaktive Generation
  4. Arkakuso Stomp
  5. Planet Z
  6. The Sinner and The Screamer
  7. Go and Fuck Yourself
  8. Jimboren Abenturak
  9. Colapso Mental
  10. Fraidy Cat
  11. Eskolako Erregina
  12. Jackie Again
  13. A-68