Dark Streets LP (coloured vinyl)

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Scared Stiff
Dark Streets LP (white vinyl)

Limited edition coloured vinyl LP.
Emerging from the ashes of the Ireish psychobilly band Shark Bait, who featured on Stomping At The Klub Foot Volume 5, Scared Stiff released this great album at the tail end of the 1980s.
A solid mixture of rockabilly and psychobilly, with some great cover versions and superb originals.
Front man Dave Finnegan went on to become a movie star in blockbuster film The Commitments.

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Disc 1
  1. Johnny Cynic
  2. The Untouchables
  3. My Babe!
  4. She's So Fine
  5. Tear It Up
  6. Dark Streets
  7. Scared Stiff
  8. Ghost Hunter
  9. One More Bite
  10. Elvis O'Leary