Swinging The Blues CD

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Sax Kari
Swinging The Blues CD

Sax Kari was a major Rhythm & Blues artist who spent most of his life in music, recording for a multitude of labels some of which can be heard here.
When not singing he can be heard on guitar or piano.
The selection starts with two titles recorded under his own name in 1947 with the Carolina Cotton Pickers with Anita Patterson handling the vocal on one, Kari the other, the original version of Signifying Monkey later recorded by Johnny Otis and many others.
Gloria Irving follows with her recording in 1953 of Daughter That's Your Red Wagon (a follow up to Ruth Brown's Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean) which made the Billboard R&B charts at No.8.
There's a selection with Gloria, then Bob "Detroit Count" White before a move to Chess Records with Lena Gordon's only two recordings.
At this stage in his career Kari switched to the popular vocal group format with The Senators, La Fets & Kitty and The Quailtones before reverting back to the blues with Katie Watkins, a much sort after Checker Records 45 with Kari as Texas Red - one of his many name changes.
He's also Texas Red with the Contours for the next two titles, then back to Kari with The Alley Kats & Kitty and Little Sammy Ward before the crazy finish with Goldie The Green Eyed Octopus - a spoof title similar to 'Flying Purple People Eater' complete with sound effects!
Here we have brief snapshot of the versatility of Sax Kari, a major force in Blues & R&R fields.

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Disc 1
  1. Signifying Monkey
  2. Thursday Blues
  3. Daughter That's Your Red Wagon
  4. Down For Debbie
  5. Henry
  6. You Let My Love Grow Cold
  7. Geneva and Johnny
  8. Hush Your Lyin' Mouth
  9. Train Ride
  10. Red Hot Feeling
  11. Brand New Gal
  12. One Room The Blues and You
  13. Mama Took The Baby
  14. Disc Jockey Jamboree
  15. You'd Better Stop
  16. Tears Of Love
  17. Roxanna
  18. Christmas Letter
  19. Can Can Rock & Roll
  20. Trying To Get You Off My Mind
  21. Snake Blues
  22. Turn Around
  23. Comin' Home
  24. Rocking Chair
  25. Alley Kats
  26. Begging For Love
  27. Count Me In
  28. Chocolate Fizz
  29. Goldie The Green Eyed Octopus