Very Best Of Demented Are Go CD

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Demented Are Go! CD
Satan's Rejects - Very Best Of Demented Are Go CD

Satan's Rejects - The Very Best Of Demented Are Go presents 26 tracks from one of Psychobilly's most notorious and popular bands.

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Disc 1
  1. Rubber Rock
  2. One Sharp Knife
  3. Be Bop A Lula
  4. Holy Hack Jack
  5. Busted Hymen
  6. Rubber Buccaneer
  7. PVC Chair
  8. Satan's Rejects
  9. Cast Iron Arm
  10. Surf Ride To Oblivion
  11. Cripple In The Woods
  12. Country Woman
  13. Skitzoid Brain
  14. House Of Blood
  15. Who Put Grandma Under The Stairs
  16. Love Sleeps Like A Festering Sore
  17. Love Is Like Electrocution
  18. Night Life
  19. The Chase
  20. Queen Of Disease
  21. Where You Gonna Go?
  22. Faries At The Bottom Of The Garden
  23. Up From The Skies
  24. Brand New Corpse
  25. Got Good Lovin'
  26. Red River Bloody Staircase