Paint It Black You Devil CD

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Satan's Cheerleaders
Paint It Black You Devil CD

CD released of the 1995 album from Satan's Cheerleaders.
Hellish of Fuzz-guitar Voodoobilly Rock 'n' Roll Trash and Satanic Surf from the darkest depths.
As well as their own demonic material, you'll find great fuzzed-out covers of Link Wray, The Pyramids, The Ventures and Davie Allan and The Arrows.

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Disc 1
  1. 2,000 Pound Bee
  2. Interceptor
  3. Stingwray
  4. Miserlou's Dream
  5. Rawhide
  6. Hungry
  7. Midnight Rider
  8. Penetration
  9. Skip To My Mary Jane
  10. Apache 95
  11. Jezebel
  12. Trip To Infinity