Nightroamer CD

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Sarah Shook & the Disarmers
Nightroamer CD

Nightroamer is the third album from the North Carolina band that merges raw country with punk grit.
"Straightforward, undiluted songs about shared hardships and unlikely victories that can bring even the most polarized people together.
We are not responsible for other people's behavior and sometimes we have more say in our own lives than we believe.
The moment we realize this we start awkwardly constructing this cerebral bridge that's somewhat clunky and weird but it's finally taking us in the direction we want to go.
The songs on Nightroamer are beautiful, agonizing, magnetic, mischievous, indomitable pieces of the clunky and weird brain bridge to personal autonomy." Sarah Shook

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Disc 1
  1. Somebody Else
  2. Been Lovin' You Too Long
  3. If It's Poison
  4. No Mistakes
  5. Nightroamer
  6. It Doesn't Change Anything
  7. Stranger
  8. I Got This
  9. Believer
  10. Talkin' To Myself