Oh Julie CD

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Sammy Salvo
Oh Julie CD

A classic one-hit wonder, Sammy Salvo made the US Top 40 with his second single Oh Julie, and spent the rest of his career trying to score a follow-up hit.
He nonetheless recorded an impressive body of work, with many of his 45rpms having become seriously collectable over the subsequent decades, for example One Little Baby, Wolf Boy, Afraid, Mushroom Cloud, The Bully Of The Beach, Throw Me In A Crowd Of Girls and Night are all much sought-after 45s.
This collection of his original recordings gathers everything that Salvo released between 1957-62, across five different record labels - RCA, Imperial, Mark V, Hickory and Dot records.

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Disc 1
  1. One Little Baby
  2. Lonely Dreamer
  3. Oh Julie
  4. Say Yeah
  5. She Takes Sun Baths
  6. Julie Doesn't Love Me Anymore
  7. Lovin' At Night
  8. Me and You
  9. Am I Lucky
  10. Here I Go Again
  11. Wolf Boy
  12. My Perfect Love
  13. Afraid
  14. Marble Heart
  15. Leave Me No More
  16. Oh True Love
  17. It's The After That Hurts
  18. Kaw-Liga
  19. A Mushroom Cloud
  20. Don't Cast Your Spell On Me
  21. The Bully Of The Beach
  22. How The Mighty Have Fallen
  23. Billy Blue
  24. French Poodle
  25. Night
  26. Young At Heart
  27. Throw Me In A Crowd Of Girls
  28. I'm Building An Ocean
  29. 'Cause I Love Her