The Restless Kind LP (vinyl)

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The Sabrejets
The Restless Kind LP (vinyl)

The Sabrejets - for the first time on vinyl album!
With rockabilly music now into it's eighth decade, it's rare that you get the opportunity to describe a band as exceptional.
The Sabrejets are one such band.
They seem to have been around forever, but have relatively few releases to their name and are seldom seen playing outside of Belfast.
They unashamedly steal rockabilly riffs and throw in countless rock 'n' roll cliches, yet somehow the Sabrejets have a knack of sounding fresh and original.
With a brave move like kicking off with a contender for best track on the album, it's important to be able to follow up without dropping the standard.
Opener You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone is nothing short of first class rockabilly music, as it the title track finale.
Nothing in between disappoints.
Faster Than The Eye Can See is another of the the many high points that sees them repeatedly hitting their own benchmark
12 of the 15 songs here are Sabrejets originals, with Nigel Dixon's storming Someone's On The Loose being the pick of the three covers.
This superb rockabilly album is enhanced by wonderful guitar playing and great production.
Whether your chosen rockabilly style is Crazy Cavan or The Cramps, the Memphis Sun sound or the classic Johnny Burnette style, you'll most certainly really enjoy this album.

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Disc 1
  1. You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
  2. Hell Yeah!
  3. Tennessee Flat Top Bop
  4. If I Gotta Explain
  5. Faster Than The Eye Can See
  6. Lightnin'
  7. Blue Moon Baby
  8. Don't Turn Your Back On Love
  9. I Got The Shakes
  10. Train To Hell
  11. Zorita
  12. Someone's On The Loose
  13. You Don't Love Me
  14. Storm In A D-Cup
  15. The Restless Kind