Gone With The Wind CD

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Rusti Steel and The Star Tones
Gone With The Wind CD

Gone With The Wind is a stunning new album by Rusti Steel.
One of the best artists to ever emerge from the UK Rockabilly scene, he not only performs to a very high standard, but is one of the best songwriters around.
Here we find another batch of wonderful songs, ably backed by the Star Tones, he has made a truly great album in Gone With The Wind.
15 Authentic Rockabilly and Western Swing tracks, with lots of original material and only one cover version.

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Disc 1
  1. Gone With The Wind
  2. Missing You Blues
  3. Can't Go Out
  4. Hopin' For The Best
  5. Baby You Doin' Me Wrong
  6. A Lovers Question
  7. Lucky Guy
  8. Speed Crazy Baby
  9. Slow Down Suzie
  10. I'll Do Anything For You
  11. Please Baby Please Be Mine
  12. Whirl
  13. Share Your Life With Me
  14. Wedding Bells Ring
  15. I Can't Hide