Gotta Git It On CD

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Ronnie Hayward Trio
Gotta Git It On CD

Raw and rootsy Rockabilly from Canada with 22 hot tracks from the Ronnie Hayward Trio featuring rockin' guitar-ace Pete Turland.
Includes the whole of the Gotta Git It On album (originally issued on vinyl) plus 12 previously unissued bonus tracks.

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Disc 1
  1. Gotta Git It On
  2. I'm Wild About You Baby
  3. While The Ice Runs Through
  4. That Ain't It
  5. Love Me
  6. Sinful Woman
  7. Ronnie's Blues No.3
  8. Let's Rock Tonight
  9. Go Ahead On
  10. Shake 'em Up Rock
  11. Ronnie's Blues No.8
  12. Now It's Too Late
  13. Love 'er Now Leave 'er
  14. If You'd Stayed
  15. I Knocked At Your Door
  16. If Ya Want Me Only
  17. Once I'm Gone
  18. It Ain't Here Or Now
  19. All Alone Blues
  20. Ya Do Only Do
  21. That Sweet Angel
  22. Sittin' In An All Night Cafe