New Orleans R&B and Swamp Pop CD

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Roland Stone
New Orleans R&B and Swamp Pop CD


Although destined to remain a No-Hit-Wonder, RRoland Stone is acknowledged as one of the finest white voices to emerge from New Orleans.
Aaron Neville once described him as “the singingest white guy I’ve ever heard.”
Stone had a huge regional hit with Just A Moment, which sold 100,000+ copies in New Orleans and Louisiana, despite a strong rival version by Ike Clanton.
Preacher’s Daughter, Something Special and Everybody’s Lonesome For Somebody Else were also significant regional successes, as was Benny Spellman’s Roll On, on which Roland shared the lead vocals.
His brief recorded output is held in high regard, while his sole LP, also titled Just A Moment (featured here in its entirety, including three tracks which were originally credited to Jimmy Clanton), has long been a collectors’ item.
Much of this material has been unavailable on CD for many years.

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Disc 1
  1. Just A Moment Of Your Time
  2. Something Special
  3. Because I Do
  4. Desert Winds
  5. I Can’t Help It
  6. Preacher’s Daughter
  7. I Was A Fool
  8. Everybody’s Lonesome For Somebody Else
  9. Remember Me
  10. Down The Road
  11. I Wanna
  12. Symphony Two
  13. Somebody Nobody Wants
  14. Kissin’ Game
  15. Back To School Blues
  16. Roll On
  17. Nobody’s Lonesome For Me
  18. Stompin' Everywhere
  19. Strolling My Baby Back Home
  20. My Baby’s Gone
  21. Someday Sweetheart
  22. My Mothers Eyes