Rockin' Ladies : Lisa George / Beverley Stauber / Maria Vincent

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Rockin Ladies 3CD

Beverley Stauber : Nail My Feet To The Kitchen Floor CD

First full-length album from Texas Rockabilly girl Beverly Stauber, who had two outstanding tracks on theAmerican Rockabilly compilation album.
Backed by the finest rockin' musicians including Shaun Young, Sean Mencher and Kevin Smith from High Noon, and ace Rockabilly drummer Lisa Pankratz.

Maria Vincent & The Millionaires : She'll Be Gone CD

Maria Vincent & The Millionaires, a swingin' six-piece, are one of the hottest bands on the Rhythm & Blues, Rock 'n' Roll and Swing scenes.
Their sound is based around the early 1950s when Rock 'n' Roll emerged of Rhythm & Blues via great artists such as LaVern Baker, Ruth Brown, Louis Jordan and Wynonie Harris - hence their popularity on all 3 related scenes, and appearances at high-profile events including The Rhythm Riot, Hemsby Rock & Roll and the Colne & Burnley Blues Fests.

Lisa George & The Pedalos : Blue Eyed Rockabilly Boy CD

The powerful voice of Miss Lisa George is set to send shockwaves through the male-dominated world of Rockabilly.
Blue Eyed Rockabilly Boy is a slap-bass thumpin' rockabilly blaster, belted out by Lisa and her boys with abandon.
Ain't Love Addictive is complete contrast is a tender Rock-A-Ballad with a sophisticated Jazzy feel.
Then it's back to all-out Rockabilly with great versions of Dorsey Burnette's My One Desire and Joyce Green's dynamic Black Cadillac.

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Disc 1
  1. Let's Have A Party • Beverley Stauber
  2. Lonely Girl • Beverley Stauber
  3. Hot Rockin' Romeo • Beverley Stauber
  4. Running Back • Beverley Stauber
  5. Gotta Lotta Rhythm • Beverley Stauber
  6. Nail My Feet To The Kitchen Floor • Beverley Stauber
  7. Tough Lover • Beverley Stauber
  8. Too Late Now • Beverley Stauber
  9. Train Of Pain • Beverley Stauber
  10. Crazy Fever • Beverley Stauber
  11. Eenie Meenie Miney Mo • Beverley Stauber
  12. It's All In The Game • Beverley Stauber
  13. I'm The One • Beverley Stauber
  14. Tear It Up • Beverley Stauber
  15. Rock 'n' Roll Honky Tonk Rambling Man • Beverley Stauber

Disc 2
  1. Walkin' Blues • Maria Vincent & The Millionaires
  2. She'll Be Gone • Maria Vincent & The Millionaires
  3. Choo Choo Ch'boogie • Maria Vincent & The Millionaires
  4. Them There Eyes • Maria Vincent & The Millionaires
  5. I'll Wait For You • Maria Vincent & The Millionaires
  6. Hook Line & Sinker • Maria Vincent & The Millionaires
  7. No More Love • Maria Vincent & The Millionaires
  8. House Of Blue Lights • Maria Vincent & The Millionaires
  9. Promises Promises Promises • Maria Vincent & The Millionaires
  10. Easy Easy Baby • Maria Vincent & The Millionaires
  11. I Love You Honey • Maria Vincent & The Millionaires
  12. Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens • Maria Vincent & The Millionaires
  13. Rock This Joint • Maria Vincent & The Millionaires
Disc 3
  1. Blue Eyes Rockabilly Boy • Lisa George & The Pedalos
  2. Ain't Love Addictive • Lisa George & The Pedalos
  3. My One Desire • Lisa George & The Pedalos
  4. Black Cadillac • Lisa George & The Pedalos