Swampwater Shuffle CD

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Rocket To Memphis
Swampwater Shuffle CD

Rocket To Memphis deliver Snappy voodoobilly Rock 'n' Roll psychosis at it's swamp-shakin' best.
Unsettlingly stylish, every tune's a cracker on this seven tracker which features six originals and a fine cover of The Way I Walk in memory of Cramps frontman Lux Interior.
Since the dawn of time, mankind's been twitchin' and grindin' to the crazy rhythms of the voodoo drums. Rocket to Memphis stir up all those wild, primal feelings and blast you into orbit.
Sleazy garage swing meets jumping psychotic rockabilly, with swamp-drenched guitar, jungle rhythms and seductive vocals.

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Disc 1
  1. Catwoman
  2. What Kinda Man?
  3. Devil's Ride
  4. The Jazz Butcher
  5. Voodoo Twist
  6. Swampwater Shuffle
  7. The Way I Walk