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    Rockabilly Red Hot and Rare Volume 4 4CD

    Fourth collection in the series - this amazing four disc set presents 100 rare and rockin' 1950s rockabilly originals.
    Packed with boppers and shakers by Don Willis, Rudy Grayzell, Sammy Masters, Alvis Wayne, Jackie Lee Cochran, Larry Donn, The Recalls, Jeff Daniels, Jay Chevalier, Jackie Morningstar, Ronnie Self, Herbie Duncan, Sonny Cole, Don Woody, Eddie Bond, Royce Porter, Pat Cupp, Benny Joy, Charlie Feathers and many many more!


    • 1Don Willis: Boppin' High School Baby
    • 2Rudy Grayzell: Duck Tail
    • 3Sammy Masters: Pink Cadillac
    • 4Alvis Wayne: Lay Your Head On My Should
    • 5Larry Brinkley: Right String, But Wrong Yo Yo
    • 6Jackie Lee Cochran: Riverside Jump
    • 7Joe Therrien: Hey Baby, Let's Go Downtown
    • 8Bobby Roberts: Big Sandy
    • 9Norman Witcher: Somebody's Been Rocking My Boat
    • 10Joe D. Johnson: Rattlesnake Daddy
    • 11Wayne Worley: Red Headed Woman
    • 12Larry Donn: Honey Bun
    • 13David Ray: Lonesome Feeling
    • 14Royce Porter: Yes I Do
    • 15Jim Oertling: Old Moss Back
    • 16Billy J. Killen: It Makes No Difference
    • 17Tommy Nelson: Hobo Bop
    • 18Bobby Lollar: Bad Bad Boy
    • 19Buck Trail: Knocked Out Joint On Mars
    • 20J Mikel: Sweetest Thing
    • 21The Recalls: No Reason
    • 22Daryl Britt: Lover Lover
    • 23Rod Willis: The Cat
    • 24Buddy Burke: That Big Old Moon
    • 25Don Duncan: Somethin' Special
    • 1Tony & Jackie Lamie: Sunset Blues
    • 2Sid Silver: Bumble Rumble
    • 3Jeff Daniels: Switch Blade Sam
    • 4Jerry Ross: Ever'body's Tryin'
    • 5Eddie Cash: Doing All Right
    • 6Larry Dowd: Blue Swingin' Mama
    • 7The Rebelaires: Alaska Rock
    • 8Al Hendrix: Young And Wild
    • 9Frank Hudson: Fade Away
    • 10Ronnie Dove: Lover Boy
    • 11Eddie Cletro: Flyin' Saucer Boogie
    • 12Tommy Scott: Dig Me Little Mama
    • 13Sonny Patterson: Big Wheel
    • 14Marlon 'madman' Mitchell: Ice Cold Baby
    • 15Sonny Cole: I Dreamed I Was Elvis
    • 16Larry Donn: That's What I Call A Ball
    • 17Sandy Scott: Mister Big
    • 18Jay Chevalier: Rockin' Roll Angel
    • 19Ray Mccoy: Rockin' Baby
    • 20Doug Powell: Jeannie With The Dark Blue Eyes
    • 21Ralph Prescott: Little Boy Bop
    • 22George Fleming: The Shake
    • 23Franklin Stewart: That Long Black Train
    • 24Gary Van: Rockin' Too Much
    • 25Lloyd Mccollough: Gonna Love My Baby
    • 1Uncle Buck Lite: Mr. Ducktail
    • 2Frank Triolo: Ice Cream Baby
    • 3Curtis Hobock: Tom Dooley Rock & Roll
    • 4Jackie Morningstar: Rockin' In The Graveyard
    • 5Ronnie Self: Bop-a-lena
    • 6Weldon Rogers: So Long, Good Luck And Goodbye
    • 7Ray Lynn: Mean Mean Woman
    • 8Bill Browning: Sinful Woman
    • 9Herbie Duncan: Hot Lips Baby
    • 10Tommy Lam: Speed Limit
    • 11Ronnie Self: Pretty Bad Blues
    • 12The Rhythm Rockets: My Shadow
    • 13Sonny Cole: Robinson Crusoe Bop
    • 14Don Woody: You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree
    • 15Wally Willette: Pink Elephants
    • 16Bobby Rutledge: Go Slow Fatso
    • 17Roy Wayne: Honey Won't You Listen
    • 18Eddie Bond: Slip, Slip, Sliddin' In
    • 19Royce Porter: A Woman Can Make You Blue
    • 20Glenn Bland: When My Baby Passes By
    • 21Sammy Masters: Whop-t- Bop
    • 22Pat Cupp: That Girl Of Mine
    • 23Danny Reeves: I'm A Hobo
    • 24Cliff Johnson: Go 'way Hound Dog
    • 25Benny Joy: Steady With Betty
    • 1Buck Trail: The Blues Keep Knocking
    • 2The Van Brothers: Servant Of Love
    • 3Bill Sherrell: Rock On Baby
    • 4Bobby Swanson: Rockin' Little Eskimo
    • 5Dennis Herrold: Hip Hip Baby
    • 6Charlie Feathers: One Hand Loose
    • 7Marvin Rainwater: Hot And Cold
    • 8Jerry Demar: (She Wantsa) Lover Man
    • 9Corky Jones: Hot Dog 10
    • 10Mac Curtis: Half Hearted Love
    • 11Pat Cupp: I Guess It's Meant That Way
    • 12The Davis Sisters: Rock-a- Bye Boogie
    • 13Billy Barrix: Almost
    • 14Ronnie Self: You're So Right For Me
    • 15Lew Williams: Cat Talk
    • 16Ric Cartey: Born To Love One Woman
    • 17Al Ferrier: My Baby Done Gone Away
    • 18Rudy Hansen: Saturday Jump
    • 19Ron Hargrave: Latch On
    • 20Eddie Zack: I'm Gonna Roll
    • 21Eddie Zack: I'm Gonna Roll And Rock
    • 22Barry Darvell: Geronimo Stomp
    • 23Jimmy Work: Tennessee Border
    • 24Don Feger: Look Out Baby
    • 25Wayne Walker: All I Can Do Is Cry
    • 26Huey Long: Elvis Stole My Gal

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