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    Three Rockabilly CDs for £10.00

    Rock Therapy - Him Her and Me CD
    The long awaited debut album from Rock Therapy, a Rockabilly trio who have been rockin' around the South Coast of England for some years.
    Two guys and one girl (on double bass, and also taking lead vocal on some tracks), who despite being a popular fixture on the rockin' scene for a number of years have previously never released an album.
    Him Her and Me comprises entirely of original Rock Therapy material which is driven along by a thumpin' Rockabilly beat.
    Produced and engineered by Mark Penington of The Caravans.

    Mark and The Slumdogs - Black Room Destitute CD
    Mark and The Slum Dogs are an edgy acoustic trio led by The Caravans' frontman Mark Penington.
    If you liked the Caravans albums Return To Zero and Smashed and Stripped Bare, you're sure to love Black Room Destitute too.

    Atomic Leopards - Rockin' Fix CD
    The Atomic Leopards carry the flame of the Neo-Rockabilly style of the early 1980s, taking influences from rockin' bands of the era such as The Polecats and The Blue Cats, as well as the great original rockers of the 1950s.
    As well as their own original songs, the Atomic Leopards play cover songs spanning the Rockabilly spectrum, and also occasionally give their rockin' treatment to songs not associated with the Rockabilly genre.


    • 1Rock Therapy : That's Nice
    • 2Rock Therapy : I'm In Love
    • 3Rock Therapy : Show Up
    • 4Rock Therapy : Fat Bloke
    • 5Rock Therapy : Get Offa My Back
    • 6Rock Therapy : Power Of Love
    • 7Rock Therapy : I Can't Keep It To Myself
    • 8Rock Therapy : I Wanna Be With You
    • 9Rock Therapy : Stop What You're Doing
    • 10Rock Therapy : C'Mon Honey
    • 11Rock Therapy : Call Me
    • 1Mark and The Slumdogs : Get A Head
    • 2Mark and The Slumdogs : That's My Reward
    • 3Mark and The Slumdogs : Hey Slim
    • 4Mark and The Slumdogs : Nice Guys Finish Last
    • 5Mark and The Slumdogs : Kiss Off
    • 6Mark and The Slumdogs : Screw Guns
    • 7Mark and The Slumdogs : Wot Am I Gonna Do?
    • 8Mark and The Slumdogs : X-It-19
    • 9Mark and The Slumdogs : Just Don't Like This Kind Of Living
    • 10Mark and The Slumdogs : Pay Back Day
    • 11Mark and The Slumdogs : True Love Just Won't Die
    • 12Mark and The Slumdogs : Six Blade Knife
    • 1Atomic Leopards : Rockin' Fix
    • 2Atomic Leopards : Rockhouse
    • 3Atomic Leopards : Let's Bop
    • 4Atomic Leopards : Make With The Lovin'
    • 5Atomic Leopards : Rockabilly Boogie
    • 6Atomic Leopards : Promised Land
    • 7Atomic Leopards : Goody Two Shoes
    • 8Atomic Leopards : Who Stole My Blue Suede Shoes
    • 9Atomic Leopards : Streamline Train
    • 10Atomic Leopards : Worryin' Kind
    • 11Atomic Leopards : You Want But You Can't
    • 12Atomic Leopards : Johnny Remember Me
    • 13Atomic Leopards : Shakin' All Over

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