Rock-A-Beery Boogie CD

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Pink Peg Slax
Rock-A-Beery Boogie - The Very Best Of Pink Peg Slax CD

"If Elvis had been a Marx Brother, he would have invented Pink Peg Slax" (James Brown, NME)
With a name derived from an obscure Eddie Cochran rocker, Pink Peg Slax promised rockabilly revivalism, but delivered musical subversion.
Celebrated by John Peel and Andy Kershaw (4 Radio 1 sessions), the NME (3 singles and 2 albums gained 5-star reviews) and TV chef Keith Floyd (who wrote sleeve notes) Pink Peg Slax knocked out 100% original tunes with a deft Rockabilly-Cajun approach.
After a break of 20 years to raise families and conquer the world of work, Pink Peg Slax have returned with their original line-up and most of their hair intact.
This 22 track album is a collection of their singles, best album tracks and previously unissued material.

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Disc 1
  1. Self-Pitying Stan
  2. Buzz-Saw Fiddle
  3. Dripping My Love For You
  4. Suddenly I Feel I'm Getting Old
  5. Cajun Feast
  6. A Cote De Ma Cherie
  7. Eat More Meat
  8. Porky Pig
  9. Arkansas Mountain Man
  10. Hole In My Shoe
  11. We Can Still Be Friends
  12. Boy From Leeds
  13. Such A Fool
  14. Liquid Paradise
  15. Our Spark Became A Dud
  16. Excuses At A Dollar A Throw
  17. The Last Cigarette
  18. Lil' Jean
  19. The Big Body
  20. Bippo Bippo Bop Man Bop
  21. Old Pierre
  22. Ooh My Lil' Momma