Chain Dog CD

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The Ricochets
Chain Dog CD

Brand new album from The Ricochets - one of the Psychobilly scene's first bands.
When The Ricochets split, drummer Steve Meadham went on to join The Meteors, and bass-player Sam Sardi joined The Guana Batz.
Now The Ricochets are back will their lively blend of Psychobilly and Neo-Rockabilly to present Chain Dog, an infectious set of brand new recordings.

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Disc 1
  1. Devil's Highway
  2. She's Gone
  3. Chaindog
  4. Easy Action
  5. In Hell
  6. Little Sister
  7. Avin' It
  8. Long Time Dead
  9. Like A Tiger
  10. Black Slacks
  11. Psycho
  12. Woolly Bully