Do Your Thing CD

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Do Your Thing CD

Originally issued in 2002, Do Your Thing marked Neo-Rockabilly legends Restless reforming their original line-up of brothers Mark and Paul Harman and drummer Ben Cooper.
With this faultless set of all-original material, Restless were once again touring internationally playing show-stopping performances to packed-house and festivals.
This new expanded version adds a bonus track to the original release, and comes in a smart digi-pack style repackage.

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Disc 1
  1. Shackled To A Thing Called Love
  2. Hurricane Jesse
  3. Pickin' Up The Pieces
  4. Who Told The Town?
  5. Do Your Thing
  6. Chain Gang Man
  7. Satisfied
  8. Bad Bowie Joe
  9. Heart In The Machine
  10. S'easy
  11. Madness Of Desire
  12. What's Your Poison
  13. She Did Me Wrong