A Record Date With Marcel Riesco LP (vinyl)

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Marcel Riesco
A Record Date With Marcel Riesco LP (vinyl)

Here is Marcel Riesco's excellent solo debut album.
Marcel is known to many as the voice of the Truly Lover Trio - he sounds like a young Roy Orbison (Sun years) and this album is a great mix of uptempo Rock 'n' Roll tracks and ballads.
Most of the songs are written by Riesco, and the handful of cover songs are well-chosen, avoiding the obvious.

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Disc 1
  1. Long Time No Love
  2. Because He Broke Your Heart
  3. Dumbstruck
  4. Fickle Heart
  5. They Say
  6. I've Been Draggin' Since You've Gone
  7. I Wonder
  8. Little Angel
  9. Shook Up
  10. Can't Forget Your Love
  11. Gypsy Man
  12. I Was A Fool
  13. Oh Yeah
  14. Under The Light Of The Blue Moon