On The Wagon CD

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The ReChords
On The Wagon CD

Australia has a reputation for giving the Rockabilly scene some of it's very best bands in recent years - and the Rechords are among the cream of the crop.
Here are fifteen tracks inspired by the sounds of the early Sun & Capitol Record, performed by a traditional drummerless trio consisting simply of Acoustic and Electric Guitars as well as Upright Bass infused with two and three part vocal harmonies and shared lead vocals.
The harmonies, along with the variety of vintage Rockabilly styles and use of different instruments on several tracks make certain that their is lots of contrast here. The songs are great and the performance are outstanding.

Review by Fred Turgis - Jumpin' from 6 to 6
This excellent drummer-less trio comes straight from the land down under. They play a fresh and exciting music that borders on Rockabilly but would better be described as hillbilly bop, you know the last limit before the bands went full time rockabilly in the early '50s. They particularly work hard on the melodic sides of things and have fine harmonies inspired from the great "brothers" combo of the past (Louvin, Stanley, Delmore, Everly...). It's been a while since I've been that impressed by a trio like that (who said Roy Kay?). Each member can sing lead and double on harmonies and the three of them have penned solid originals that stand proudly next to carefully chosen covers. What distinguishes them from the vast majority of other combos that play (or try to play) this music lays in the fact that they have assimilated their influences (bluegrass, honky tonk, western swing, blues, rhythm'n'blues, rockabilly) and created their own style rather than slavishly copying anybody. Most of all, they have listened to what have influenced the artist they like, that's why they came naturally to an authentic and natural sound. The set is varied mixing ballads, country laments to uptempo tune and they have invited a piano and a fiddle player on some tunes to add even more diversity.

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Disc 1
  1. Easily Loved
  2. Save It
  3. Don't Be Mad
  4. Think It Over Baby
  5. It's Been Awhile
  6. Saddle Up
  7. It Won't Be Long
  8. Boogie Blues
  9. Hocus Pocus
  10. Fireball Mail
  11. Bordertown
  12. Take the Line
  13. Could've Been Worse
  14. No Help Wanted
  15. Long As I Am Around