Hop on Down the Line 2CD

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Ralph Willis
Hop on Down the Line 2CD

This double disc set is unusually subtitled "The Almost Complete Recordings of Ralph Willis".
That is because one of his commercially released discs seems to have rarely, if ever, surfaced among collectors.
The two sides have also never appeared on vinyl LP and CD or any other Ralph Willis collection - even those entitled Complete.
This release is an essential purchase for any Ralph Willis fan as it is now the only place to find all of his known recordings
He had a highly distinctive style and sound which makes it difficult to understand why he never had a hit.
This collection contains 47 tracks - so he must have been popular to generate that much repertoire.
His 1953 recording Gonna Hop on Down the Line is probably Willis' best known recording.
For several years now, it has been a huge disc at rock 'n' roll and rockabilly dances across Europe and is a guaranteed floor filler.
Ralph Willis is one of those rare Blues artists whose guitar style and vocal delivery on up tempo numbers seemed to predict the coming of the rockabilly guitar styles.
Accompanying booklet includes detailed liner notes.

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Disc 1
  1. Worried Blues
  2. Comb Your Kitty Cat
  3. So Many Days
  4. That Gal’s No Good
  5. New Goin’ Down Slow
  6. Goin’ To Chattanooga
  7. Steel Mill Blues
  8. I Will Never Love Again
  9. Goin’ To Virginia
  10. Boar Hog Blues
  11. Eloise
  12. I’ve Been A Fool
  13. Christmas Blues
  14. Amen Blues
  15. Neighbourhood Blues
  16. Mama Mama Blues
  17. Just A Note
  18. Church Bells
  19. Trouble Don’t Last
  20. Shake That Thing
  21. Tell Me Pretty Baby
  22. I’m Gonna Rock
  23. Cool That Thing
  24. Sportin’ Life
  25. Every Day I Weep and Moan
  26. Somebody’s Got To Go
Disc 2
  1. Blues Blues Blues
  2. I Got A Letter
  3. Cold Chills
  4. Black and Tan
  5. Income Tax Blues
  6. Bed Tick Blues
  7. Too Late To Scream and Shout
  8. Hoodoo Man
  9. Tell Me Pretty Baby
  10. Church Bell Blues
  11. Goodbye Blues
  12. Lazy Woman Blues
  13. Old Home Blues
  14. Country Boys
  15. Amen
  16. Gonna Hop On Down The Line
  17. Do Right
  18. Door Bell Blues
  19. Why’d You Do It?
  20. Dream I Had On My Mind
  21. I’ve Been Living With The Blues 23 Midnight Special 24 Interviews with Ralph Willis & Washboard Pete Sanders
  22. Midnight Special
  23. Interviews with Ralph Willis & Washboard Pete Sanders