Seven Inches From Heaven CD

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Seven Inches From Heaven CD

CD collection of all of PowerSolo's very rare 7" single A and B sides.
Many crazy cool cats 'n' kittens travel long distances to watch their favorite rock and roll band go down on a Saturday nite.
Whether it's in a small town on a hillside in Spain or in a prestigious club in Los Angeles, a dungeon in France or a hip festival in Transylvania - they're all there for the same reason.
They want the Real Sound of fun and action!
For these cool cats 'n' kittens - the answer is PowerSolo!
They know all the PowerSolo record releases and songs by heart, track by track, song by song, to their great joy - but they're still missing something.
So close. Yet so far. Until now!
Seven Inches From Heaven is a full bodied, aged, piece of history in a Brand New Bag.
Seven Inches From Heaven is as close as you get, to touch the key, to the gate to eternal happiness with the Railthin Brothers as your serving masters of; The Worlds Mostest Original Rocket Fueled Family Recipe of Life Extending Junk Elixir Called Donkey Punk.
The long awaited treasury trash of the Danish surf, punk and rockabilly combo PowerSolo; Seven Inches From Heaven is a compilation of all of PowerSolo's limited and very rare 7" single A and B sides, stretching over a period of time of more than twenty years.
The one more exciting than the other - every household's new must have.
Every bad boy 'n' gal's new birthday wish.
Every red, hot 'n' blue mamas 'n' papas soundtrack of a love nest.
Every new party's favorite flip disc!
If you can't hold your breath - then just breathe... coz here's the long awaited treasury trash of your favorite, new favorite and always favorite Donkey Punk combo; PowerSolo.
You're just Seven Inches From Heaven with Seven Inches From Heaven.

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Disc 1
  1. Step Back
  2. B.R.O.W.N.
  3. Jungle Mungle
  4. Donkey Dawg
  5. Speedway
  6. Juanito
  7. Wow Wow Baby
  8. Possessed By Bo Diddley
  9. Glaedelig Jul Allesammen
  10. Beam Mig Op Jesus
  11. Fuzz Face
  12. Acid Trip
  13. Need To Know
  14. Backstab
  15. Big Butt Bonnie
  16. Chronophobian Waltz
  17. Nedtur
  18. Got A Sack O' Dope Hidden In My Ass