Land Of Milk & Pony CD

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A Pony Named Olga
The Land Of Milk and Pony CD

A Pony Named Olga is a familiar name in Europe where they've played hundreds of shows across the Continent, as well as completing a tour of the USA.
The Land Of Milk and Pony is their debut album.
These Berliners present a unique and lively blend of Psychobilly and Cowpunk that takes in Polka, Rockabilly and Rock.
Lyrically biting and wryly comedic, A Pony Named Olga present a raucous soundtrack for a crazy rocking party.

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Disc 1
  1. Land of Milk and Pony
  2. Move Your Arse
  3. Judith G.
  4. Next One
  5. Ponykaravane
  6. Til You Die
  7. Turn Off the Machine
  8. We Had Some Fun
  9. Der Goldene Planet
  10. It's Only Perfect
  11. Oh Yeah
  12. Take Your Pony
  13. Did You Really Think?