Born Too Late CD

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The Poni-Tails
Born Too Late CD

Forever associated with their all-time classic of the Rock ‘n’ Roll era Born Too Late (a US and UK Top 10 hit that also made the US R&B charts), Ohio trio the Poni-Tails are usually thought of as being typical of music’s many one-hit wonders.
The fact is that they actually did have a number of other, albiet smaller hits on both sides of the Atlantic – all of which can be heard in this collection featuring their complete recordings from 1957 to 1960.
Their time in the spotlight may have been relatively brief, but The Poni-Tails left a musical legacy that carried over into the next decade and the halcyon era of Girl Groups.
Their music may not have been especially edgy or ground breaking, but they were an undoubted template for many of the trios and quartets of young women who came through in their wake – and echoes of the teen angst of ‘Born Too Late’ can be heard in all manner of 1960s classics by The Shangri-Las, The Crystals and many others.
Here The Poni-Tails' A and B sides are presented in chronological order of release for the first time on UK CD.
Many of these songs did not gain release over here when new, but their other UK Top 30 hit Early To Bed (which bizarrely did not even make the US chart! is sure to be remembered by fans of music from the 1950s.
More than 60 years may have passed since the lovelorn trio crooned their way into the UK Top 5 with their greatest hit, but Born Too Late still sums up the music of the rock ‘n’ roll era with as much nostalgia as any hit by Elvis Presley or his peers.

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Disc 1
  1. Your Wild Heart
  2. Que La Bozena
  3. Still In Your Teens
  4. Can I Be Sure
  5. It’s Just My Luck To Be Fifteen
  6. Wild Eyes and Tender Lips
  7. Born Too Late
  8. Come On Joey Dance With Me
  9. Close Friends
  10. Seven Minutes In Heaven
  11. Early To Bed
  12. Father Time
  13. Moody
  14. Oom-Pah-Polka
  15. I'll Keep Tryin'
  16. I'll Be Seeing You
  17. Before We Say Goodnight
  18. Come Be My Love
  19. Who When and Why
  20. Oh My You