Coming In Person LP (vinyl)

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Planet Rockers
Coming In Person LP (vinyl)

Originally released in 1991, The Planet Rockers debut album Coming In Person would prove to be a landmark record on the worldwide Rockin' scene and one that still stands as the band's finest work.
The Planet Rockers became the must-see band at Rock 'n' Roll festivals, as audiences marveled at the guitarist Eddie Angel in action, and were blown away by the vocals of frontman Sonny George.
Nearly three decades later, the recordings on this excellent album sound just as fresh and powerful.

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Disc 1
  1. Trouble Up The Road
  2. Big Wheel
  3. Tennessee Woman
  4. Big Daddy
  5. One's All The Law Will Allow
  6. Thunder Road Rock
  7. Spin My Wheels
  8. Gotta Rock
  9. Truck Driver's Rock
  10. Yes I Do
  11. Troubled Times
  12. Rampage