Hammer & Sickle Blues CD

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The Pharaohs
Hammer and Sickel Blues CD

Hammer & Sickle Blues is the second album by The Pharaohs, a British Neo-Rockabilly band from the 1980s who became popular in the mid '80s Psychobilly boom via their appearances at the Klub Foot and their inclusion on the Stompin' At The Klub Foot albums and videos.

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Disc 1
  1. Listen Pretty Baby
  2. You Just Don't Know
  3. Crazy Crazy Happenings
  4. You're On Your Own
  5. '57 Chevy
  6. Dead To The World
  7. Getting Out
  8. Hammer and Sickle Blues
  9. Beer Slingin' and Red Neckin'
  10. Don't Get Me Wrong
  11. Baby Let's Play House
  12. Psycho Numbskull