Peanuts & Other Delicacies CD

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Little Joe Cook
Peanuts and Other Delicacies CD

Little Joe Cook fronted doo-wop vocal group the Thrillers, winning a contract with OKeh Records in 1956.
Their first single Do the Slop was a regional hit in Philadelphia and New York City, introducing a new dance craze, and leading the group to perform at the Apollo Theater.
The group's second single Peanuts was written by Cook and again featured his falsetto as the lead.
Released in 1957, it gained the group an appearance on American Bandstand, and rose to No. 22 on the national chart.
They were the epitome of the one hit wonder, and when listening to the superb music on offer here you will wonder how someone so talented could only manage one hit.
What a hit it was though!
There haven't been many anthologies of Joe's career in the CD era, and this 29 track collection certainly the most comprehensive to date.

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Disc 1
  1. Make It In
  2. Say A Prayer For The Boys In Korea
  3. This I Know
  4. Let's Do The Slop
  5. Peanuts
  6. Lilly Lou
  7. The Echoes Keep Calling Me
  8. Lonesome
  9. I'm A Fool
  10. What's Happened To Your Halo?
  11. Don't Leave Me Alone
  12. It's Too Bad We Have To Say Goodbye
  13. Mine
  14. Cherry (part 1)
  15. Cherry (part 2)
  16. Need Somebody
  17. It's Been A Long Time
  18. I'll Never Let You Go
  19. Give Me All Your Love
  20. Every Now and Then
  21. Goodnight Little Girl
  22. Please Don't Go
  23. Stay
  24. Public Opinion
  25. Run Little Girl
  26. I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
  27. One More Time
  28. These Lonely Tears