Doin' The Hucklebuck CD

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Paul Williams
Doin' The Hucklebuck CD

Saxophonist Paul Williams cut one of the biggest hits of 1949, The Huckle-Buck, which topped the US R&B charts for fourteen weeks.
A hugely influential disc, it was one of the first to employ the honking tenor sax solo which would become the hallmark of R&B and R&R during the 1950s.
This 27 track collection of his original recotdings also includes Paul Williams' other Rhythm & Blues hits Thirty-Five Thirty, The Twister, Waxey Maxie, Walkin' Around, House Rocker, He Knows How To Hucklebuck and Pop-Corn.
These recordings, all cut between 1948 and 1955, present a powerful body of work and feature notable musicians including Wild Bill Moore and Noble Watts (tenor saxes), Mickey Baker (guitar) and singers Larry Dale and Little Willie John.

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Disc 1
  • Hastings St. Bounce
  • Way Late
  • Thirty-Five Thirty
  • Come With Me Baby
  • The Twister part 1
  • The Twister part 2
  • Waxey Maxie
  • Spider Sent Me
  • Walkin' Around
  • Paradise Valley Walk
  • The Huckle-buck
  • Hoppin' John
  • House Rocker
  • He Knows How To Hucklebuck
  • Pop-corn
  • Free Dice
  • Miami Drag
  • Easy Walking
  • Young Man Blues
  • Hard Working Woman
  • Shame Shame Shame
  • Shuck-foot
  • Spread Joy
  • Women Are The Root Of All Evil
  • Betty Ann
  • Suggie Duggie Boogie Baby
  • Once Upon A Time Long Ago Last Night