I Sing 'Em and I Write 'Em CD

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Otis Blackwell
I Sing 'Em and I Write 'Em CD

There are only a handful of great writers in the pantheon of classic rock 'n' roll songs.
One of them is the subject of this CD, the legendary Otis Blackwell.
Selected here are 30 examples of his talent as a performer which was far overshadowed by his song writing success.
Blackwell was without doubt one of the most important contributors to the language of rock and roll, a genre which would have been radically different without him.
Accompanying booklet Includes fully detailed liner notes.

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Disc 1
  1. Wake Up Fool
  2. Fool That I Be
  3. Number 000
  4. Please Help Me Find My Way Home
  5. Tears! Tears! Tears!
  6. Daddy Rollin' Stone
  7. On That Power Line
  8. Don't Know How I Loved You
  9. I'm Travelin' On
  10. You're My Love
  11. Go Away Mr. Blues
  12. Bartender Fill It Up Again!
  13. My Josephine
  14. Ain't Got No Time
  15. I'm Comin' Back Baby
  16. Nobody Met The Train
  17. I'm Standing At The Doorway To Your Heart
  18. Oh! What A Babe
  19. Here Am I
  20. My Poor Broken Heart
  21. Oh! What A Wonderful Time
  22. You Move Me, Baby
  23. Let The Daddy Hold You
  24. It's Love And It's Real
  25. Don't Take My Word
  26. When You're Around
  27. What A Coincidence
  28. Turtle Dove
  29. Make Ready For Love
  30. Don't Run Away