Pledge Kappa Epsilon Gamma CD

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The Orangu-Tones
Pledge Kappa Epsilon Gamma CD

Bridging the gap between Rock 'n' Roll and Garage, The Orangutones are a 6-piece band playing the style of Rock 'n' Roll that reigned in the USA between 1959 and '62.
Great dance music that's perfect for parties.

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Disc 1
  1. Rockin' Rambler
  2. Little Latin Lupe Lu
  3. Fly Boy Monkey
  4. Escargot Go
  5. Monkey Boy
  6. Good Lovin'
  7. Monkey Twist
  8. There Is Something On Your Mind
  9. Twist At The Tavern
  10. Beer Run
  11. Little Lil
  12. Gotta Get Drunk
  13. Yama Yama Pretty Mama
  14. Desert Twist
  15. Treat Her Right