You Didn't Come To My Funeral CD

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The Nu-Niles
You Didn't Come To My Funeral CD

The Nu Niles formed over ten years ago, they split up, they re-formed, members came and went, but they just wouldn't stay dead.
That's sort of where the title for this record comes from.
The Nu Niles are a Spanish trio who combine a love for, and ability to play, original 1950s style rockabilly with a wayward punk attitude.
Logically enough, their slogan is "Authentic '50s Punk".
When they're not masquerading as The Nu Niles, Mario Cobo (lead vocals, guitars, percussion), Ivan Kovacevic (double bass, backing vocals) and Blas Picon (drums) are three quarters of R&B/Rock 'n' Roll group The Lazy Jumpers.

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Disc 1
  1. You Didn't Come To My Funeral
  2. Shot Shot Shot
  3. Every Nena
  4. One Month One Week One Day One Hour
  5. Cold Smiles Pretty Girls
  6. Rocker
  7. See That Girl Again
  8. Release!
  9. Single Man
  10. Verge of Tears
  11. You Might Hurt Someone
  12. Who Needs Ya?
  13. Got No-One