No Turning Back CD

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Imelda May
No Turning Back CD

Imelda May's fabulous first album No Turning Back which was originally issued under her maiden name Imelda Clabby.
This revised version has newly re-recorded vocals and has been remixed giving superior sound.

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Disc 1
  1. Dealing With The Devil
  2. Flame Of Love
  3. Cry For Me Baby
  4. Till I Kissed You
  5. What Am I Gonna Do
  6. Once More
  7. Wild About My Lovin'
  8. No Turning Back
  9. End Of The World
  10. Y'Hoo
  11. Don't Do Me No Wrong
  12. Forever You And Me
  13. Bring My Cadillac Back
  14. Lovey Dovey Lovely One
  15. Let Us Sing