Curse Of The Coffin CD

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The Nekromantix
Curse Of The Coffin CD

Curse Of The Coffin is the second album of Hellish Psychomania from The Nekromantix, the demonic Psychobilly trio led by slap-bass maniac Kim Nekroman.

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Disc 1
  1. Devil Smile
  2. S&M
  3. Curse Of The Coffin
  4. Motor Psycho
  5. Alice In Psycholand
  6. Way Down To Hell
  7. Howling At The Moon
  8. New Born Son Of Satan
  9. Save My Grave
  10. Survive Or Die
  11. Part Two
  12. Drug Shock
  13. Rockin' Reptile
  14. Mama Don't Allow