Psychosomatic LP (vinyl)

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The Milwaukee Wildmen
Psychosomatic LP (vinyl)

The Milwaukee Wildmen strike back with another album of hard rockin' Power-Psychobilly - nothing less than you would expect from one of the very best of the current wave of Psychobilly bands.
Psychosomatic rocks relentlessly with Psycho-Rockabilly Rhythms and Punk Rock Power from start to finish.

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Disc 1
  1. Three Men Army
  2. Psychosomatic
  3. Invisible Enemy
  4. Sneaking Into Hell
  5. Vulgar Teens
  6. Fornofilia
  7. Struck By Dopamine
  8. Get In The Pit
  9. Die For Me
  10. AK 47
  11. Must Be The Dope
  12. All By Herself
  13. The Hell You're Raising.