Mental Instrumentals II - When Guitars Attack 2LP (double vinyl)

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The Meteors
Mental Instrumentals II - When Guitars Attack 2-LP (double vinyl)

At last! The long awaited second volume of The Meteors all-instrumental album, Mental Instrumentals #2.
Subtitled When Guitars Attack, this is a lethal overdose of Paul Fenech's spine-bending Psychobilly guitar backed by The Meteors' pulsating Voodoo-Billy beat.
16 pure psychobilly all-instro stompers made from pure evil.

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Disc 1
  1. When Guitars Attack
  2. The Cutter Cuts
  3. Psychobilly Syndrome
  4. Mule Boy and His Unformed Face
  5. The Multiple Deaths Of Pichina
  6. Do The Blood Feast Twist
  7. Giacando Con La Mano Sinistra Di Dio
  8. The Forsaken
Disc 2
  1. Blood Beat
  2. Nightmare In Elche
  3. Halloween Scream
  4. Surfin Home On A Dead Girl
  5. Let's Go Play At The Myers House
  6. L'odio Cavalca De Solo
  7. Bad Universe
  8. The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Killer